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Architectural Design

Our Architectural Design services span the

life of a project from site analysis and

feasibility through design and construction.

Our team can evaluate existing buildings

to identify design-driven improvements

that can impact a property’s return on investment. Each of our designs is carefully crafted to respond to its context while meeting the functional requirements of the client.

Our “studio approach” to design focuses

the entire professional team on creative

problem-solving throughout the project’s

life-span, connecting initial design goals

with each detail of the finished product.







Architectural Design Services Include:

Healthcare Facilities

     Dental and Medical

Commercial Offices

Educational Facilities

     School and Child Care

Industrial Facilities


     Single and multi-family

Mercantile Facilities


3-D modeling

Financial/real estate resources

Site evaluations

Project programming, conceptual,

     schematic, preliminary and final

     design/construction documents

Bidding/Contract procedures

Construction Administration

As-built documents


Interior Design

Our Interior Design services range from

strategic macro-scaled planning for future

needs to the refinement of details that

can transform any space from ordinary

to extraordinary.

We note client requirements, whether

“want” or “need” based, gain inspiration

from client ideas and deliver impressive,

contextually aligned, functional interiors.

We understand how users react to color,

light, texture and sound and consider

those responses in our decision-making.

And we consider the ergonomics of the

planned tasks within our built spaces,

whether selecting furniture or designing

custom-built features.






Interior Design Services Include:

Strategic planning

Space planning

Interior conceptual, preliminary

     and final design development

ADA-compliant design

Ergonomic evaluations

Furniture and custom interior elements

Space and furniture inventories

Art and accessories recommendations

Interior graphics/signage design

Interior materials, colors and task-         

     related selections/coordination


Green Design

Visionary projects start with an idea and a

need to build places that will enhance the

local environment and enrich our lives.

Ultimately, their success depends on user

responses, which are shaped by our choice

of materials and our design of structures,

infrastructure and open people spaces.

Our design team always strives to find a

balance between environmental stewardship, economic viability and contextual fit.

With our broad knowledge of and

experience with many building types, we

base our “green” design in the reality of

environment, economics and the future.

Often, “green” design is tagged with added

costs in design and construction, but our

approach is make common sense decisions.


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